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Returning Customers

Earlier this year we assisted Chronic Tacos with their exterior building signage by creating three sets of channel letter signs for their Palmdale location. You can read all about the non-illuminated channel letter sign and the compound channel letter signs by following the links to our previous blogs. We work with a lot of chains and love to help customers with their signage at the different locations they have. Having consistent signage is very important for brand recognition.

The Chapel Hill, North Carolina location contacted us because they were also in need of exterior building signage. But instead of channel letters, their landlord wanted an HDU storefront sign. HDU or high-density urethane signboard is a foam board that is great sign material for creating custom signage. It is easy to work with and its durability makes it ideal for exterior building signs. HDU foam board can be carved, routed, sandblasted, or machined to create the exact shape and look you want.

This HDU sign was carved so the lettering would be embossed along with the border around the edge. We then painted the different parts of the sign to finish off the 3D look. The colors they chose worked very well with their storefront. The black background of the sign matches the awning well and the font reflects the colors of the door and window frames.

Building Facade

When choosing an exterior building sign, it is important to pay attention to the atmosphere around your building and the building itself. For example, these large channel letter signs we create for their Palmdale, California location suited the atmosphere very well, however, they would not blend in as well against the brick background and quaint looking storefront of the North Carolina location. With a wall that already has a pattern, it is a good idea to have a backer or a solid background to make sure that your letters do not get lost against the texture of the wall. Since the Palmdale location building had a plain, light facade, the channel letters were able to stand out clearly.

There are many options for building signs and we can help you design one that is well suited for you and your business. If you have any questions regarding our services you can feel free to E-mail us. If you already have a sign in mind that you would like us to make, you can request a quote here.