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Our longtime customer Forest Lawn Memorial Park and Mortuary, a privately owned cemetery, also has a flower shop that is located on the cemetery grounds. Not only are they experts in funeral arrangements, but they are also known for creating unique and memorable designs that have set the standards for funeral arrangements for over 100 years.

Mobile Advertising

e more likely to respond to the ad. On the window, they also included their company colors at the bottom as the “ground” the bouquet is sitting on.

They were looking for an efficient way to advertise their flower shop so they came to us to get some vehicle graphics on their delivery vans. Mobile advertising is becoming more and more popular so it is important that your vehicle stands out from the competition. We applied graphics on a total of three vans, two white and one black. All of the graphics, like the one pictured here, were very colorful and stood out nicely against the white or black paint of the vehicles.

Images do a great job of quickly establishing what your business offers. Forest Lawn decided to go with a very pretty sympathy design to show one of the services they offer. The bright colors of the bouquet also draw attention and they will go on to read that this advertisement is for the flower shop at Forest Lawn. They also included a phone number and website so potential customers can easily contact them.

Brand recognition also plays a large part in mobile advertising. The words “FOREST LAWN” are easy to read quickly and is in the same font as their website and all of their other advertisements. Forest Lawn is already a locally recognizable name so along with the familiar font customers that are already familiar with the company will b

We also cut out vinyl lettering for the back of the van. This repeats the information that we put on the side of the van for consumers that could be driving behind the vehicle. Mobile advertising is great because you can attract new customers even while sitting in traffic!

For both the side and back graphics, we used car wrap vinyl that we digitally printed the image onto. The lines underneath “FOREST LAWN” and the phone number on the back on the van were also digitally printed the company color.

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