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Having custom office signs for your business is important for several reasons. They can be designed to match your branding along with the existing interior design. This helps create brand awareness and trust in your company. Lobby signs are the perfect way to create brand recognition while inviting new customers to your business. There are a lot of different options for office lobby signs that range from style, size, and material.

The Spartan Group contacted us for an acrylic backer lobby sign. Incorporating an acrylic backer gives you a lot of space to work with and a lot of material and style choices. On the back of the acrylic backer, we applied a digital print of the logo and etch vinyl behind it. The etch vinyl gives the acrylic a frosted glass effect. You can keep the backer clear or apply etch vinyl depending on how you want your lobby sign to look.

The Logo

We cut out the logo from acrylic and it is all one piece. We digitally printed the image of the logo to give the effect that the letters are translucent and overlapping when it is actually a flat image. Instead of using separate pieces of acrylic we digitally printed different shades of blue on one piece of acrylic to create this effect. The smaller letters are acrylic dimensional letters that we painted the company colors.

The different layers and effects we used resulted in this beautiful dimensional lobby sign. This sign shows examples of painted acrylic dimensional letters and acrylic with digital prints.

Options for Dimensional Letters

Other options are to keep the original color of the acrylic if it already comes in the color you desire or to laminate the faces of the letters with aluminum. Having acrylic dimensional letters with aluminum laminate faces will give you the metallic look at a fraction of the cost.

If you would like aluminum dimensional letters we can also paint them to be whatever color you would like. If you would like to keep the metallic look of the aluminum, we can keep the faces polished or have them vertically or horizontally brushed.

If you prefer a non-dimensional sign, we can even digitally print all of the information onto the backer. You can pick and choose which parts of the sign you want flat or dimensional along with what material you would like it to be made from. All of our signs are custom made in-house so we can create your dream sign, exactly how you would like it to look.

Follow this link to check out other lobby signs with acrylic backers that we have made. If you are ready to create a custom lobby sign for your business, you can request a quote here.