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When it comes to exterior building signage, channel letters are definitely very popular. From restaurants to offices, they are used to advertise to consumers day and night. We frequently make and install channel letters for Supercuts stores and our most recent job was in San Clemente, CA.

For this location, we made a front-lit channel letter sign and each channel letter was individually mounted. When making front lit channel letters we start with an aluminum backer that we attach the LEDs onto. For this sign, we used red LEDs to match the channel letter faces. The returns are also made from aluminum and can be painted any color. We painted the outside of the returns black to intensify the shadow effect and painted the inside with high-reflective white paint to increase the illumination from the red LEDs.

Different Options for Channel Letter Faces

The main difference between most of the channel letters we make is the channel letter faces. We used red acrylic that matched their company color so we routed the letters out of the acrylic and applied them to the returns. If the acrylic comes in a color that you desire for your channel letter sign, we can just route the letters as-is.

We can also digitally print any color or design onto translucent vinyl and lay it over the acrylic. This is a great option if you have a very specific company color, or you want to have a specific design like a pattern or a color gradient. With digitally printed faces the options are endless because you can choose from literally millions of color choices.

Another option is laying day and night vinyl onto your channel letter faces. Day and night vinyl appears black during the day but is perforated so, at night time when it is illuminated from behind, you will only see the colors of the LEDs. This is optimal for businesses that are open in the daytime and after sunset like a restaurant or a retail store.

Permanent signage prominently displays your company name and promotes your image. Resource 4 Signs has the capability to produce and install custom signs throughout the US. Channel letters may be made from metal, acrylic or any other materials that can be internally illuminated or non-illuminated. This offers a 3-D visual sign that many of our customers desire.

If you’re interested in getting a channel letter sign made for your business, you can request a quote here.