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Using our large format printer we can create large, high-quality images that can be applied directly onto the wall or applied to a backer that can be mounted.

Many different businesses can benefit from digital prints. In an office environment, having a beautiful image representing your company would look great in a conference room. Having high-quality images of ingredients and popular dishes in a restaurant would be sure to attract customers passing by.

A lot of retail stores do not spend a lot of time on interior signage, but this is not the case with Hustler Hollywood. We have worked with multiple Hustler Hollywood stores to create large digital prints and illuminated box signs to increase the appeal of their interior decor.

They recently opened a new store in San Antonio, Texas and contacted us to create 8 large digital prints to decorate the inside of their store. For each sign we used our large format printer to digitally print the image onto vinyl. After the image is done printing we laminate it with clear vinyl to give it a nice glossy finish.

These prints can be applied to any flat surface so if you’d like, we can apply it directly onto the wall. For all of Hustler Hollywood’s prints, we apply the vinyl onto a backer and mount the backer onto the wall using a strong adhesive. This gives us the option to move the sign to a different location without damaging the print if needed in the future.

Creating a Seamless Image

Four of the prints were larger so we printed half of each image on separate pieces of vinyl and applied them separately onto the backer. As you can see from the photos, there is no visible seam between the two pieces of vinyl because we applied them side by side. The right and left sides are different panels but using our method we can create a beautiful seamless image.

The backer we used was sibond which is a lightweight, durable material that is made from two pieces of aluminum with a polyethylene core. On top of being durable, sibond signs are long lasting and perfect for any business. Whether you need a street sign, parking sign or a sign to advertise your business a custom printed aluminum sign is an investment that will pay off.

Check out our website to see galleries of other digitally printed graphics we have made. If you are interested in having some digital prints created for your business, you can request a quote here.