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Since each lobby sign is custom made, we make sure that each one is unique and fitting for your business. By routing out letters from different materials we can make beautiful dimensional letters that make your lobby or reception area look great!

Different Style Options

The main materials we work with are acrylicaluminum, and foam. Acrylic is very versatile and comes in many different thicknesses. Acrylic is also available in many colors so if you would just like to keep the original color of the acrylic for your sign, all we would need to do is route out the letters and install them. If you would like metallic dimensional letters without having all aluminum letters, we can laminate the faces of black or clear acrylic dimensional letters with aluminum. This gives the sign a polished, professional look at a fraction of the cost.

We can also paint the letters if you have a specific company color. This is what we did for the lobby sign we made for KBS Capital Advisors. KBS in Los Angeles, California wanted a new lobby sign to increase the visual appeal of their office so they contacted us for an acrylic dimensional letter lobby sign.

All of the letters for the sign are cut from acrylic. We used 3/8″ acrylic for the 16″ tall “KBS” and 1/4″ thick acrylic for the 2″ tall letters, “CAPITAL ADVISORS”. We used a thinner material for the smaller words to avoid them from looking chunky. All of the letters were painted the company color after they were routed out. Keeping the same logo and logo colors helps create brand recognition. Making something more familiar to a consumer makes them more comfortable with it.

Individual Mounting

We flush mounted the letters to the wall with a very strong adhesive. Since dimensional letters are mounted individually, we can adjust how spaced out the letters are and how much space the actual sign takes up. This gave us the opportunity to have both sets of letters take up the same width while being evenly spaced out.

When it comes to Corporate Identity, your logo is the visual symbol which communicates who you are and what you deliver. It is how your customers recognize your company. Resource 4 Signs wants to ensure that your identity stands tall and communicates your message. We specialize in making sure your business has a strong visual presence once your clients, employees, and visitors walk through the door.

Follow this link to check out other dimensional letter lobby signs we have made. If you are ready to increase the appeal of your lobby area, you can request a quote here.