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In our previous blogs, we went over the new front-lit channel letter signs and the dimensional letter lobby sign we made for Phillips Graduate University. Schools are constantly trying to attract new students and the best way to do that is to make their name known. Signs that are installed near the sidewalk or street not only advertise to locals living nearby, they also help people who are trying to find your location.

New Sign Faces

Phillips had an existing illuminated monument sign that was installed outside of the parking lot. The double-sided sign displayed only the school name, and a tagline. They asked us to replace both sign faces which gave us an opportunity to update the look a bit. We added a little pattern of bokeh on the left edge in one of the school colors to add some visual appeal. The school name is now “Phillips Graduate University” instead of “Phillips Graduate Institution” and the font was also changed.

We added the phone number and website so someone passing by the sign can call or go online to learn more about the university. We didn’t include the address because it was already on the base of the sign. In the bottom right corner, we also advertise the counseling center in the same font.

All of this information was digitally printed on translucent vinyl and applied to white sign material so it could be illuminated at night time. The existing monument sign already had a light source installed inside of it. On top of laminating it with clear, glossy vinyl, we also applied anti-graffiti film for good measure.

Post & Panel Sign

The school took advantage of the fact that they are on a major street and had a post and panel sign installed on the corner of their property. Since this sign can attract a lot of attention, they wanted to replace it with an illuminated monument sign to match the one next to the parking lot. It would, however, only have one face because only one side of the sign would face the street.

Permitting Issues

When creating a large sign like this, Resource 4 Signs will take care of the permitting process. For this sign, we, unfortunately, found that the city would not allow us to install an illuminated monument sign on this specific corner. Instead, we helped out Phillips by creating a new face for the existing post & panel sign.

We digitally printed the same image that we used for the illuminated monument sign onto vinyl and adhered it to sibond, a lightweight material that is great for mounting digital prints. We digitally printed the street address and street number for the bottom panel to mimic the base of the illuminated monument sign.

All of the updated signs look great and will be sure to attract new students! Check out the galleries on our website for other monument signs that we have made along with ones that we have created new faces or letters for. If you’re ready to increase your advertising with a large exterior sign, feel free to request a quote.