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Chronic Tacos is a Mexican grill that had it’s start in Huntington Beach, CA. Since their opening in 2005, they now have more than 30 locations throughout the United States and even restaurants in Canada! Earlier this year we created and installed three channel letter signs for their Palmdale location. Two of them were compound channel letter signs and a non-illuminated channel letter sign was created for the rear.

Compound channel letters are a combination of front-lit channel letters and reverse-lit channel letters. The rear non-illuminated channel letter sign was made exactly like a front-lit channel letter, we just didn’t install any LEDs so they do not illuminate at night time. For more details about the signs, you can follow the links to our previous blogs.

Using the Building to Your Advantage

Originally, they felt that the front and side of the building would gain the most attention which is why they wanted those channel letter signs to illuminate. However, they contacted us recently because they decided that the rear sign facing the street would benefit from being visible at night time also. The sign was already flush mounted so we couldn’t make it reverse-lit. When we make a reverse-lit channel letter, the LEDs are facing the wall to create a halo effect. We could, however install LEDs to make it into a front-lit channel letter. We originally made the sign faces with white sign acrylic which is made to be illuminated.

We drove up to Palmdale with a lift and got to work. Our channel letters are made so the faces can be easily removed in case of any necessary repairs. We removed each channel letter face to install LEDs on the inside and hooked up the electricity so it can attract existing and new customers all throughout the day.

This location now has three illuminated signs, two facing the street and one facing the inside of the plaza so it is sure to attract attention. If you are a business that is open at night time, illuminated signs are a great investment. Whether illuminated or non-illuminated, channel letter signs add amazing 3-dimensional appeal to your building. Our channel letter signs are made in-house so we can form them into any shape or font you desire for optimal advertising.

You can check out other channel letter signs we’ve made by visiting our website. The style options are endless and we are more than happy to help with designing if you are in need of our expertise. If you’re ready to have a channel letter sign made for your business, you can request a quote here.