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Douglass & Zook, a funeral home located in Monrovia, California, has been part of the Monrovia community for more than a century and serves families throughout the San Gabriel Valley. They are also a member of the Forest Lawn family, whom we have worked with for many years. On the corner of their property, they’ve had a pole sign facing the street that advertises their company name and services. This sign helps customers locate the business and informs potential customers of what they specialize in.

Outdoor Sign Faces Weather Wear

Most outdoor signs are made from metal because it is strong and durable. This pole sign did hold up well, however, due to the constant weather exposure, the paint was starting to wear off and there was rust forming. While we fabricate custom box signs in-house, we can also help with the maintenance of any of your interior or exterior signage. It is inevitable for an exterior sign to need some sort of service sooner or later.

Douglass & Zook decided to go with the same paint color which is the Forest Lawn green. You’ve seen their company color before in our previous blog post about the post and panel signs we made for them. As you can see from the photo, the existing sign face also uses the Forest Lawn typeface. Repetition of the same colors and typefaces are a great way to create brand recognition. If you’re familiar with Forest Lawn and their green and gold color combination, you will recognize it easily on an ad.

We removed the sign face and then got to sanding. Before re-painting, we needed to level the surface to make sure that the paint has a smooth finish. The before and after photos show how the pole sign looked after we were finished sanding and after we were finished painting. The sign looks much nicer now and is sure to leave more of a positive impression.

Making a Good Impression

Upkeep of your signs is important because a channel letter sign with a broken face or burnt out letters can give a very negative impression of your business. Especially if you have an exterior sign that is rusting and has chipped paint, some people may assume that you’re no longer in businesses due to the lack of maintenance. Or worse, it can look like the business is not doing well enough to make the fixes.

Exterior signs make a big impression to the public and you want to make sure that it’s a good one. Our website has many more before and after pictures you would like to see more examples of sign restoration. If you have a sign that needs maintenance or if you’re interested in getting an exterior sign custom made for your business, you can request a quote here.