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Westlake Landmark in Westlake Village, California is part of a 129-acre master planned development that features office buildings, restaurants, retail, homes, a park, and a hotel. We have made many signs for them in the past which include suite signs and parking signs. A large area like this requires a lot of interior and exterior signage. There is a fitness center in Westlake Landmark and we were contacted to create some interior directory signs for it.

Wayfinding Signs

For a building with a lot of different rooms with different purposes, making sure your customer knows where to go is very important. Since the restrooms are down a hallway, we created two wall signs that read “RESTROOMS” with an arrow to guide customers to the right direction. The lettering and the arrow were raised so someone who is visually impaired can feel what the sign says. We made these in the same style as the previous signs we’ve made for them to keep with the interior theme.

Since all of our signs are custom made we can make interior and exterior signs that have the same style. If you have existing interior signs and need more of them, all we need to do is take a look at the existing signs to figure out how they were made and we can create something identical.

The fitness center also has separate locker rooms. To guide people to the locker room that they’re looking for, we helped label the rooms by creating two ID signs. One for the women’s locker room and one for the men’s. We made the suite number panel in the same style as other ones we’ve made that are displayed throughout the property. The panel was acrylic which we digitally printed the words and background color onto.

Matching Interior Signage

The space underneath the bottom trim bar is usually used for the suite numbers. Since there are no suite numbers necessary for this sign, we created the panel to make sure the signs look identical to the other ones and left the space blank. They wanted a marble pattern look so we digitally printed the marble pattern along with “WESTLAKE LANDMARK” and the logo onto acrylic. We attached the previous panel onto the backer for it to be mounted onto the wall.

We’ve made a lot of room ID signs in many different styles and shapes. check out our website to check them out along with many different types of ADA signs. If you need a room ID or suite ID sign made for your business, you can request a quote here.