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Corporate Identity

Your logo is what represents your company so you want to make sure that you are using the same logo and typeface for all of your advertising. Being consistent with your logo is important so people who see your website online or on a social media platform can recognize your business if they see your ad or pass by your physical location. Many companies will use the same logo for their website, building sign, lobby sign, vehicle graphics, window graphics, and so on to make sure that the first thing a customer thinks of when they see that color scheme is your company.

An affordable way to display your company logo is with the use of exterior vinyl graphics. Vinyl graphics are great because they can be applied to your existing window or door so you are using space that was initially empty to help advertise your business. Even at our location we have a perforated window vinyl graphic completely covering every window door space we have. Since we can digitally print any image onto vinyl you can display your exact logo color and typeface anywhere you would like outside of your business.

Syntilla Medical’s logo has a specific green color and reflects the “S” that begins their company name. We digitally printed the logo onto vinyl, cut it to the shapes of each part of the logo, and cut “Syntilla” from white vinyl and laminated everything with clear vinyl since it was to be applied outside of their front door. They did not have any outdoor signage on their building yet so this vinyl graphic will help people that are looking for this location.

Many Different Options for Window Graphics

When it comes to exterior window graphics, you have many choices. The one we made for Syntilla Medical is a digitally printed cut graphic. We can digitally print your logo or any image you want and then cut it from the vinyl into the specific shape. We can also cut lettering from vinyl for your company name or a message you want to display.

Another option, which is what we have for our storefront, is a full window graphic. If we covered all or part of your window with vinyl, it would block out the natural light. This is why we use perforated window vinyl. The image looks solid from the outside but you can’t see the vinyl from the inside.

Etched vinyl is also very popular because it gives your window or door a frosted glass effect. It looks great on exterior windows and it can even offer your office a little privacy.

Feel free to check out the galleries on our website linked in this blog to get some ideas for what kind of window graphic would suit your business. You can also request a quote if you’re ready to start designing a graphic for your storefront.