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When opening a new physical location, one of the first things you think about is your building signage. This is how you will display your logo and show the public that you’re open for business. Once you decide what will be on the sign, you will want to take a look at your building facade to figure out where the sign should go and how big it will be. For an illuminated sign, you will also want to pay attention to where the sign can go where we can properly connect it to electricity.

Salt and Sage is a new spa and wellness center in Simi Valley, California. They wanted a large backlit sign with a smaller sign for the tagline so we made a halo-lit channel letter sign and a compound channel letter plaque. A halo-lit channel letter or reverse-lit channel letter has illumination that is facing the building wall so the light creates a “halo” effect around each channel letter. We made the face and returns of the channel letters from aluminum. Since each sign is custom made, we can create whatever typeface or color you use for your business. We painted the outside of the letters their company color and the inside high-reflective white to increase the intensity of the LED illumination. The back of the channel letter that faces the wall is made from Lexan, this is a clear polycarbonate and we installed white LEDs inside of each channel letter.

channel letter plaque is like a capsule that can be made into any shape and since it’s compound-lit, it is both front-lit and reverse-lit. We started by creating the aluminum return in the shape they requested and attached an aluminum face from which we routed “SPA AND WELLNESS” from. The outside of the aluminum was painted another company color and the inside was painted high-reflective white.

 We then backed the aluminum face with white sign acrylic so the lettering that we cut out would be white. The backer for this sign was also made from Lexan and white LEDs were installed inside so the white lettering would illuminate and there would also be a halo illumination around the whole plaque. Both of the signs were installed with spacers to give the LEDs room to illuminate onto the wall. Compound channel letter plaques are handy for when you want to add extra text to your sign and they look great when illuminated with halo-lit channel letters.