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In a previous blog we went over a few “EXIT STAIR DOWN” signs we made for PH2 Productions & Management in Woodland Hills, California. These signs were made to meet ADA complaint specifications so the text was raised and had Braille translation underneath. We made about 30 ADA signs which included room identification signs, restroom signs, and evacuation maps that were to be installed throughout the interior of the location.

PH2 has color and edit rooms that required identification signs. When creating multiple ADA signs, you want to make sure that they are all the same design to keep a theme within the interior of your business. Having matching room ID signs next to every door gives your interior a very streamlined and professional look. This time, we made a total of 10 more room ID signs to match the other ADA signs we previously made. The backer of the signs are acrylic pieces that are painted black. Since raised text wasn’t required for this sign, the lettering, numbers, and borders were cut from white vinyl and applied to the acrylic.

Using lettering that contrasts with the background and using all capital sans serif typeface makes the message on the sign very easy to read, even if you are far away. The main goal of ADA signage is to make it easy to navigate and find where you need to go without frustration.

White lettering on a blue background is easy to read, but very typical for restroom signs. The great thing about working with a custom sign company like us is that we can help you design ADA compliant signs that are high quality and look great with the rest of your interior. A lot of companies will incorporate their company colors or even their logo on these signs to make them more personalized.

You can see other ADA signs we’ve made on our website. If you are in need of custom ADA signs for your office or building, you can request a quote here.