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Illuminated cabinet signs or illuminated box signs are great for both indoor and outdoor signage. We’ve made indoor box signs for a few Hustler Hollywood locations where we digitally printed a large image of one of their models to be displayed in the store. Most outdoor box signs are installed on the building as storefront signs or on top of the roof to help advertise the business.

The reason box signs are so popular is because you can have any image or message displayed onto the sign. We make custom box signs which means that we can make them into any size or shape you need and digitally print whatever you would like for the display.

We can also illuminate the sign internally. Most businesses opt for illuminated box signs because it creates an amazing visual impact whether the sign is installed inside or outside of the business.

Indoor illuminated box signs look amazing when displaying a large high-quality image and it can even add light to parts of your interior that may not get enough natural light.

Outdoor illuminated box signs are a good option for businesses such as restaurants and retail stores that are open after sunset. This way they can keep advertising at night time as well as they do in the daytime.

Box signs aren’t just for advertising, they can also be used for wayfinding purposes. Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Covina Hills has stone walkways in their outdoor area and one leads to the restrooms. There are tall hedges surrounding the walkway as you go in so they had a “Restrooms” sign positioned at the opening of the walkway. The sign did illuminate, however, Forest Lawn wanted something that would be more visible.

 We started by making a box sign return which we later painted one of the company colors. For the face of the box sign, we digitally printed “RESTROOMS” and an arrow in their company colors onto translucent vinyl. We laminated the digital print with clear vinyl for a glossy finish and applied it onto white sign material.

We installed the sign 3 ft up this time so it would be more visible and hooked it up to the electrical wires from the previous sign. The photo shown was taken right after installation. We used concrete for which is why there are traffic cones surrounding the base of the sign. We think that the new sign looks great with the shrubbery and is sure to help people find their way around.