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Directory signs are an elegant way to list all of the tenants within a building. Most of the time you can find them in the lobby area right when you enter the building. There are endless style and material options so we can help you design a directory sign that will look great with the interior of your lobby area.

Hines is a customer that we have worked with many times over the past few years. They own LNR Warner Center which is an area in Woodland Hills, California that has four five-story buildings and one three-story building containing approximately 808,274 square feet in total. Large buildings like these, especially ones that house professional businesses, require a lot of indoor signage.

Universal Music Group is one of the businesses located in LNR Warner Center. The existing directory sign had rows of directory strips for the different tenants. Since Universal Music Group owns the whole 2nd floor of the building, they asked us to remove all of the strips in the middle section and replace it with a large directory plaque for their company and floor. To make a larger version of the already existing directory strips, we started with clear acrylic that had the edges tinted to give it the green-tinted glass look.

They wanted to display their logo, however, they didn’t want it to look like a different texture from the rest of the material. To achieve the look they were going for, we reverse printed the logo, company name, and “2nd floor” onto clear vinyl, backed it with white so it wouldn’t be translucent, and contour cut it to be applied onto the 2nd surface (the back side) of the acrylic. From whatever angle you look at the sign, the logo and text will look like part of the backer which gives the plaque a very high-quality and professional look.

The display looks very impressive, and individuals who are looking for the Universal Music Group office will definitely be able to locate it quickly and easily. We’ve made many wayfinding signs; not only for offices but also for apartment buildings. Any building or suite with multiple rooms can benefit from having a directory sign. There are many different ways to make wayfinding signs, whether you want a metallic sign for a polished professional look, a colorful one to match your logo colors or black lettering on a clear backer that is easy to read, we can create a sign that is perfect for you.