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If you have limited exterior wall space, you need to start getting creative with your signage. Vista Ford in Woodland Hills, California has very large channel letter signs for their buildings, but a lot of their property is comprised of parking lots to display the cars. To make use of the space they have, Vista Ford has invested in other types of exterior signage. Pole signs are a popular choice, however, you can only have so many pole signs on one property.

On the corner of Canoga Ave and Ventura Blvd, they have a raised platform to display cars. They cleverly installed backlit signs on the sides facing the street to advertise the different makes of cars they sell. The contrast of the different logos against the black background is easy to see in the daytime, and they illuminate so they can keep advertising at night time.

We’ve been working with Vista Ford for a while and we have replaced the backlit sign faces before back in 2011. Exterior signs do need maintenance every now and then due to the constant exposure to the sun. As you can see from the before and after photos, the signs had faded due to sun damage and there was a small logo change to the Lincoln and Vista signs. We also added Vista Ford’s website onto the sign in case customers wanted to look up more information about the business.

When creating illuminated prints, you need to pay attention to the amount of ink used and the material to make sure that the sign looks good in the daytime and at night time. For all three sign faces, we started with a white sign acrylic. The black background you see is opaque car wrap vinyl and the part with the logo is digitally printed on translucent vinyl.

We used different materials because if we digitally printed the black onto translucent vinyl, it might look washed out when it is backlit. One option is to add another layer of black ink, however since the logos illuminated perfectly, we decided to use two different vinyl materials. This does not affect the illumination or the final look of the sign.

We were happy to be able to help Vista Ford out with another signage improvement job. The new faces look great and they are sure to catch the attention of the many potential customers that drive through the busy street. With digital printing, we can help you display any image or message to help grow the success of your business. Feel free to request a quote if you would like indoor or outdoor digital prints for your business.