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As Resource 4 Signs grows, so does the size of our equipment. We need to store more material and we need more space to manufacture. In order to fabricate signs high-quality signs, quickly and efficiently, we have large equipment to help us create large channel letters and large cabinet signs. Channel letters and cabinet signs have aluminum returns that we shape into custom letters and shapes. The wider the handbrake is, the more aluminum we can bend.

While making large signs, we also need plenty of table and floor space to put the materials and the finished product. To prevent any clutter from happening, we recently expanded the shop by 800 sq. ft.! With this new space, we were able to spread out the equipment in the shop and create plenty of open space.

It’s important to have plenty of space to move around when working with heavy machinery and tools. Here are a few pictures of how everything is set up. We also use the shop to store our bucket truck and service truck when they are not being used. In addition, our finished signs that are ready for installation have a clean space; so we require a lot of space.

Along with the garage, we did some rearranging inside for our new Graphtec plotter! The new plotter is wider than our previous one and it is used for printing vector graphics. You can see our other plotter on the adjacent wall which we will still use for smaller graphics.

When creating a sign from an existing logo, we always ask for vector files so the image can be stretched out without losing quality. You can read more about the proper way of creating large graphics in one of our previous blogs about some large graphics we printed for a trade show booth.

This Graphtec plotter not only plots and contour cuts graphics, but it can also make patterns that we use to install channel letters. We can use it for a lot of different purposes, from cutting lettering for a parking sign to cutting a large logo for a lobby sign. The width not only gives us the ability to create larger graphics, but we can also create multiple smaller graphics at the same time, saving us a lot of time.

In order to make room for the new plotter, we moved around some of the tables to make sure there was still plenty of space for both plotters. The printing room, also called the clean room, is located between the shop and office area, so there are a lot of ins and outs going on. As our company grows we hope to keep upgrading our technology to continue to create the highest quality signage.