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Working with Your Landscape
If your business is surrounded by other businesses or foliage, clever exterior sign positioning is the best way to make sure that customers can find your location. Printful has a location right here in Chatsworth, California, in a cul-de-sac with other professional businesses. Although the building is large, there is a large tree covering some of the building as you enter the street. Because of this, they wanted to install a large building sign on the corner of the building that faces the street. Along with the building sign we created an exterior dimensional letter sign to direct people to the shipping department and made an exterior window graphic for the front door.

Acrylic for Exterior Signs

If you’ve been keeping up with our blogs, you’ll notice that we love to work with acrylic. With our CNC router and many color options, acrylic is great for custom signage. The exterior sign was to be installed on top of their 2-story tall building, so they wanted large, legible letters along with their logo to be displayed. The building sign, including the logo, is 55.2 sq. ft. so it can definitely be noticed from far away. The letters for the company name were cut from black acrylic, and for the logo, we adhered a digital print of the logo onto a piece of black acrylic that was cut to the outline of the logo. The dimensional letters and the logo were stud mounted with 1/2″ spacers so they floated slightly off of the wall.


 On the other wall facing the street, we made and installed another acrylic dimensional letter sign that shows where the shipping department is. This sign was made identically to the main building sign, just on a smaller scale. The way the sun hits the sign, you can really see that it was mounted with spacers because of the shadow. Outdoor wayfinding signs are very helpful if you have a large building with multiple entrances.

To help anyone looking for the business, Printful also wanted a door graphic or their logo on their front door so the location of the entrance would be obvious. Not only does a door graphic help you with logo repetition for brand awareness, it is very helpful if you are one of many businesses in a plaza. Your building sign may clearly show which suite your business is, however, once you get closer under the awning, it’s not easy to tell the doors apart.

The exterior signs came out great and really helped personalize the building. Check out our website galleries for more acrylic dimensional letter signs and exterior window graphics. If you’re looking for some custom signage for your business, you can request a quote here.