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Your logo is what represents your company and what your customers will recognize. There are many ways to repeat your logo and incorporate your company colors in exterior and interior signage to create brand recognition. A common way that companies will display their logo is with a sign in their lobby or reception area.

 Making sure that your logo is the first thing a customer sees is a great way to make a good first impression. Hylink Digital Solutions is an independent digital full-service agency that just opened their first office in the United States. While setting up their new office in Santa Monica, California, they decided that they wanted something in the reception area that would display the logo that they use for all of their marketing.

We have featured many wall signs that we have made for businesses, however, another common sign is a reception desk sign. Hylink’s reception desk sits in front of a set of windows that overlooks the street from their 8th floor. They wanted to display an illuminated version of their logo on the desk, so we started going over different sign illumination options with them.

In our previous blog about illuminated lobby signs, we went over reverse-lit dimensional letter signs and lobby signs with a backer that was reverse-lit. Another type of illuminated letters we can make are push-thru letters. Their existing logo was mostly white so we used white acrylic for the base of the sign. The way the acrylic is formed, it looks like the letters are being pushed through the backer, and it creates a great dimensional effect because all sides of the letters are illuminated. We also made the pixels in the logo with the same method and applied vinyl for the different colors. To get the specific colors in their logo, we digitally printed each color onto translucent vinyl.

 To make the sign part of the desk, we created a custom-made encloser to encase all of the wires and the power supply that we installed behind the desk. This makes it easy for any servicing in the future, and it also includes a disconnect switch so they can easily turn the sign off after hours. The sign looks great and Hylink was very happy with how it turned out. A great photo of the illuminated lobby sign was also featured in an article they wrote about their formal opening party.

Check out our website gallery to see other illuminated lobby signs we’ve made. If you’re interested in having us create a custom lobby sign for your business, you can request a quote here.