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If your company is going through rebranding for any reason, we can assist you with updating your signage to make sure that your logo is consistent. Rebranding refers to the visual change of a company’s logo that hints at a change in the internal workings as well. Companies change their logos and sometimes their name in the process. The changes can be subtle in some cases by just involving the modification of a font style or a color shade.

Octagon is a very large sports and entertainment agency with over 30 years in sports marketing, sponsorship, and athlete and talent representation. One of their 50 offices is located in the Pacific Design Center. The Pacific Design Center is a multi-use facility for the design company located in West Hollywood, California that we have made many exterior and interior signs for over the past few years.

Octagon’s office is located on the 7th floor of the building along with other business offices. They have an elegant way of displaying the businesses that are located in that area or floor by having a vinyl decal of the company logo displayed onto a glass wall. Since Octagon had already been occupying that office, their old logo was displayed on the glass wall. We removed it cleanly and installed the new logo. We made the new decal by digitally printing the logo onto vinyl, laminating it, and cutting it out so there is no background.

On the other side of the glass wall, there is etched vinyl to create a nice background for all of the company logos. Here is a photo showing Octagon’s previous logo. It was also before Current’s logo was added to the wall.

Most large buildings that house many businesses will have a directory sign in the lobby showing which companies are on which floor, along with the suite number. However, for a building like this where many businesses share one floor, you need an effective way to display company names and direct clients to the correct part of the building. There are many different kinds of office wayfinding signs that we’ve made. Feel free to check out the gallery on our website to get ideas for what kind of directory or wayfinding sign would suit your business.

Since our signs are custom made we can use any combination of materials or colors to create a sign that will suit the interior decor of the room.