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The only way to prevent this from happening is to enforce legal rules and the best way to display this information is with parking signs. iPayment in Westlake Village, California already had a large sign at the entrance of their parking lot that stated that this space was only meant for their employees. To make sure the sign was taken seriously, they recently asked us to make and install 5 signs throughout the parking lot to warn people that their car will be towed at their own expense if they parked there without authorization.

To keep a theme within the exterior signage, we used the same color scheme that was used for their existing “Employee Parking” and “No Loitering” sign. This helps the signage look more professional rather than having signs with all different colors.

For most of our outdoor signs we like to use aluminum because it’s lightweight, yet durable. We printed all of the information needed for the sign onto vinyl, laminated it to increase the lifespan of the print, and applied it onto aluminum backers. To make sure that the signs would withstand any weather wear, we bolted them onto posts and installed them into the dirt in different areas of the parking lot.

To make sure that the message would be seen from all angles, they wanted the signs to be double sided. We made a total of 10 panels for the five signs and they look great with the existing signs.

We make custom parking signs for all businesses and we can incorporate your company colors and logo. Not only does this personalize your signs, it can also make it easier for customers and employees to find where they can park by recognizing your logo and logo colors.

Check out our website gallery for other custom parking signs we’ve made. If you’re ready to optimize your customer’s and employee’s parking experience, you can request a quote here.