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o Supercuts is a large hair salon franchise with over 2,000 locations in the United States. We have worked with many of their existing locations and they are still growing as a company. One of their newest locations is in a large plaza in Lake Forest, California. They came to us to create and install a new channel letter sign for their storefront.

Most of you are familiar with the red Supercuts logo. When you have a recognizable logo like this, you want to make sure to use it for all of your marketing to make sure that consumers will instantly recognize it. There are many competitors but people choose Supercuts because they are a well-known and trusted company.

To make sure that their signature red color was displayed, we used red sign acrylic for all of the faces of the channel letters. Sign acrylic is made to be lit from behind so it is perfect for front-lit channel letters. To make the red even more prominent, we used red LEDs which we installed inside of the channel letters facing the acrylic.

The channel letter signs we make are custom made in-house. To get the Supercuts font exact, we hand make the returns, which are the sides of the channel letters, from black aluminum. The back is also made of aluminum and the face is attached with black trimcaps to match the returns. The black trimcaps create a border around each red letter which helps them stand out against the building wall.

The registered trademark symbol is included on every Supercuts sign. We made this one separately using red and white acrylic. The base of the symbol is a white acrylic circle, and the border and “R” are cut from red acrylic and attached to the circle. If you are able to get close enough to the sign, you can see that the symbol is dimensional.

We drove down to Lake Forest in our truck to install the sign. The red channel letters look great against the color of the wall and we’re sure that it’ll attract a lot of new and existing customers to the new location. There are many other channel letter signs that we’ve made using acrylic that already came in the color the company needed. Check out some great photos on our website gallery. If you’re interested in a channel letter for your storefront, you can request a quote here.