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Although channel letters are very commonly seen on buildings, they are not always necessary if you don’t need the sign to be illuminated or if you don’t require letters with as much dimension. Using acrylic dimensional letters for your building is affordable, and we can re-create your company logo exactly.

Our long time customer, Sober College, needed three identical building signs and they wanted dimensional letters to display their logo. Sober College is an addiction treatment center that we have worked with for years making many window graphics, lobby signs, and exterior signs for both their San Diego and Woodland Hills locations. We are very familiar with their logo so we knew that for the lettering we could use white acrylic.

A total of 36 letters were routed from white acrylic, ranging from about 20″ for the uppercase letters and about 14″ for the lowercase letters. The outline of the logo was cut from one piece of white acrylic and we digitally printed the image of the logo onto the acrylic.

 We recently purchased a new bucket truck. In the last photo you can see one of our installers right after we finished installing the sign. Our bucket truck can reach the top of a two-story building so we were able to drive it down to Woodland Hills for the installation. From the photo you can also see how large the letters in scale to our installer and the truck. Building signs are usually so high up, you can’t tell how big they really are.

The white letters look great against the color of the building and the bright logo is sure to help people who are trying to find the location. Check out our website gallery to see other exterior acrylic dimensional letter signs we’ve made like this one where the acrylic already came in the color the customer needed so we just routed out the letters and logo shape. Just like indoor lobby signs, we can paint the letters, or laminate the faces with aluminum.