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Interior signage is important for both making an impression on your clients, and creating a good work environment for your employees. Ansell Sandel Medical Solutions recently moved into a larger office and asked us to assist them with many components of their interior signs which included multiple mounted graphics, six wall signs, a window graphic, and a shelving unit.

Ansell Sandel Medical Solutions is a company dedicated to promoting healthcare safety for medical professionals so they wanted their signage to display high-quality photos and quotes that they felt represented their company. Today we’ll be going over the signs we made for the training room along with some graphics for the common space and a shelving unit.


For the common space, they wanted three horizontal graphics with images of a surgery room. We digitally printed these images onto vinyl which retains the quality of the photo. Instead of applying the digital print directly to the wall, we mounted them onto sibond, which is a substrate made from polycarbonate and aluminum, and laminated the prints with a clear, matte vinyl to give it more of a painting finish rather than a glossy photo finish.

To achieve a more modern and polished look, we mounted the graphics with satin silver standoffs. As you can see from the photo, the way the prints stand-off from the wall look much nicer than a framed painting which many offices use for their interior decor.

inside of the room so we printed the image onto clear vinyl. Since this print was meant for a window, we laminated it with glossy clear vinyl instead of matte. The image is actually reverse printed and applied from the inside of the room, not the outside.

The last thing we’ll be talking about is the custom shelving unit we made. The backer is acrylic and we digitally printed their company color onto a piece of vinyl the same size as the acrylic backer. They wanted a matte finish for the shelving unit to not create any glare since it was such a large panel. This was also mounted with stand-offs and we installed individual pieces of sanded, frosted acrylic into the acrylic panels for the shelving.

Stay tuned next week for part two of this blog series where we will discuss the importance of conference room signage and hallway signage.