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A fully wrapped vehicle with bright graphics and high-quality photos is a great eye-catcher, but not all businesses require that level of vehicle advertising. Lenny, the owner of Lenny’s Quality Fabric Care, was actually referred to us by one of his customers. He owns a small carpet cleaning service in West Hills, California and has one company van that has his company logo, phone number, and services painted on the sides and back.

He was not looking to update his logo or switch to a wrap, he simply wanted to add his cell phone number to the vehicle since it was the best number to reach him. At first, we considered removing the existing paint with the current phone number and replacing with new vinyl, however after learning that the paint had been on there for a while we decided against it as we didn’t want to risk damaging the paint on the car.

Lenny informed us that the phone number currently displayed is still active, it is just not the main one anymore so on the back of the van under the existing information we added the cell phone number in black vinyl. For both sides of the van, we designed a blue cloud that was identical to the existing clouds on the van and digitally printed them onto vinyl with the new phone number in white. This was interesting because each cloud was a different shape due to them being hand-painted.

Another thing we made for Lenny was some window perforated vinyl for his personal car. Since his logo was originally painted, he didn’t have a vector file to give us to print the window graphic. Because of this, our in-house designer re-created the logo in Adobe Illustrator so it could be programmed into our digital printer. However, instead of putting the phone number inside of a cloud, he decided to mimic the font used for “LENNY’S”.

On both of the rear windows on the side of the camper shell, Lenny wanted a few bullet points listing his main services. If you want to use your personal vehicle to advertise your business, window perforated vinyl is a great way because it is subtle. You don’t want to be driving around with a full wrap with a lot of bright colors and graphics when you’re just taking a trip to the grocery store.

We’re glad that we were able to help Lenny out with the specific changes he needed to make to his vehicle advertising. To get some ideas for your next set of vehicle graphics or window vinyl, feel free to check out our website galleries.