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Microblading LA is a microblading clinic in Woodland Hills, CA that came to us for some interior signage. Their waiting room/lobby area has a beautiful slate stone wall where they wanted to display their logo. Since there is an “LA” in the word “microblading”, they decided to make that work with the business name for their logo. Microblading is a form of semi-permanent makeup that creates natural looking eyebrows. This is why the bar for the larger “A” is an eyebrow. They already had an established logo, logo colors, and knew that they wanted the sign to be illuminated. When illuminating a lobby sign, there are a few options.

Push-Thru Letters

This is a style that we used for hylink and Friedman Dentistry where acrylic is shaped and internally illuminated so it looks like the letters are being pushed through the backer. It is a very modern look that works great for letters or any other component of a sign.

Halo-Lit Backer

If you would like to keep your logo non-illuminated, but still have an element of illumination, we can put your logo on a backer, install LEDs on the back of the backer to face the wall, and mount the sign with spacers. You can check out an example on our website, we made one for Renasci Development a couple years back.

Halo-Lit Letters

The most common illuminated lobby signs we make, and the type we made for Microblading LA, are ones with halo-lit channel letters. You can either have the letters on a backer or attached directly to the wall. LEDs are thin so we are able to install them on the back of smaller lobby sign letters.

First, we started with the dimensional letters. We routed the letters from black acrylic and painted both the larger “LA” in “MLA” and the smaller “LA” in “microbLAding” to match their logo. The eyebrow was also cut from black acrylic, but instead of leaving it black or painting it, we put a brushed aluminum laminate on it and attached thin pieces of black acrylic on top of the aluminum for the eyebrow “hairs”.

On the back of all of the letters, we attached low-profile white LEDs. We usually go for brighter LEDs when creating channel letters but this is because the lights need to be strong enough to illuminate through an acrylic face or backer. Since these LEDs aren’t being obscured by anything, and they’re illuminating onto a bright, white wall, Microblading LA wanted lighting that wouldn’t be too harsh.

Each letter was installed with spacers to give the LEDs room to illuminate, and we think that the lobby sign looks great both from inside for customers waiting, and from outside to help grab the attention of potential customers.