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 The lobby wall sign is made from two different panels. The lower panel is made from clear acrylic that we applied black vinyl lettering onto. As you can see from the shadows created, the panel is mounted with standoffs. The “Ansell Protects” panel is aluminum, the logo and the white background was digitally printed onto vinyl and laminated with clear, matte vinyl. This upper panel was attached with a strong adhesive to the acrylic panel. This sign succeeds in creating a very dimensional look without using any dimensional letters.


The Reception Desk Sign

The lobby desk sign also incorporates acrylic, aluminum, and vinyl. The largest panel is brushed sibond, which is a substrate made from aluminum that has a polycarbonate core. Centered on the sibond backer is a white acrylic backer with polished edges that we installed with satin silver standoffs. To add another layer of dimension, we attached painted acrylic dimensional letters to the acrylic panel for the logo. The whole thing is a little larger than 2′ x 3′ and it was attached directly to the reception desk.


Multiple Panels for Additional Wall Sign

We made another wall sign that is a combination of the lobby wall sign and the wall graphics. We printed one large graphic, made the same way from the previous graphics, and attached a panel to the right side of it for the “Ansell Brand Promise”. Like the lobby wall sign, the lower panel with the lettering is made from clear acrylic and black vinyl. This panel was also installed with standoffs and the two standoffs on the left are actually going through the graphic. The upper panel is aluminum with digitally printed vinyl and the panel is just attached to the acrylic panel with a strong adhesive.


High-Quality Graphics

 Lastly, to add more character to the lobby area, we mounted four matte finish graphics to the wall. Instead of applying the vinyl directly to the wall, we used a sibond backer that we mounted with standoffs to give the effect of a frame-less photograph.

Now Ansell’s new lobby sign is completely personalized and looks amazing! Check out our website to see the many different interior signs we can make for offices.