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A few months ago we blogged about some vehicle graphics we did for Canoga Park Heating & Air conditioning. We have been making graphics for them for years, but it stays interesting because they have many different types of vehicles that we work with. Our last blog about Canoga Park Heating & Air was about a box truck and a van. This time they came

to us with a cargo van which was slightly larger than the previous van.

For all of their vehicles, we include the same information, which is their logo, phone number, license number, their authorized dealer seal, and their NATE seal. Depending on the vehicle, we need to lay out the graphics differently and change the sizing appropriately. Since this Nissan Envy doesn’t have any side windows aside from the ones in the front for the driver and passenger windows, we covered almost the whole side of the van with their logo.

Since the driver and passenger doors were blank, we put the phone number there in large font. Their license number is in smaller font on both sides of the van, in between the front doors and the hood. The authorized dealer and NATE seals were also digitally printed and applied toward the back of the van on both sides.

The back of the van also didn’t have a window, so we just used the space to display their logo. Under the logo, we found some empty space for the phone number. We always recommend displaying the logo and phone number on different sides of the van so whether someone is driving behind you on the road or spots your vehicle from an intersection, they can prominently see the name of your business, what you offer, and the phone number to contact you.

 To make these vehicle graphics, we digitally print the image or color onto Avery Car Wrap, which is a very high-quality, durable vinyl that is specifically made to go on vehicles. Each number, letter, and logo is plotted out of vinyl so each component is a separate piece.

If you would like to have more than a few graphics, we also offer partial wraps and full wraps. A partial wrap can cover however much of the vehicle you want, and you can add some images and background to the wrap while still showing some of the original color of the vehicle. A full wrap completely covers every portion of the car so you don’t see any of the original paint color.