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The main advantage of having vehicle graphics is that you can advertise wherever you are. Look No Further Auto Detail is a San Fernando-based car detailing service that services Hollywood and the surrounding area. Since the company van is driven to different jobs, vehicle graphics are a great way to advertise to potential customers while you’re on the job.

Hollywood and the Los Angeles area is notorious for having a lot of traffic. The best way to stand out among all of the other cars is to utilize bright colors. Quincy, the owner of Look No Further Auto Detail already had a bright yellow van. Although red is known to attract attention and is used in a lot of marketing, red cars are pretty common and don’t stand out as much as you’d think. Yellow cars are rarer and catch the eye.

He already had some vehicle magnets but wanted something with larger text that is easier to read. When you’re designing vehicle advertising is a lot different than other forms of advertising because you have a very short amount of time to make an impression on a potential customer. With print or web ads, you can include a lot of information in a smaller text because the consumer can take the time to read it. When you’re trying to read something on the side of a van that is passing by, you don’t have that luxury.

For Quincy’s new graphics, we went with something simple that worked great with the existing vehicle color. He didn’t have a logo yet so our designer made one for him that he could use for all of his additional advertising. The logo and the phone number have a spaced border which creates a yellow border around each letter using the existing vehicle color. The logo is clean, simple, and easy to read. We also included information that he offered a mobile service along with his phone number.

In earlier proofs, we were going to make the information at the bottom from black vinyl, but we eventually decided to make the whole graphic more colorful. These colors were digitally printed onto specialty car wrap vinyl and laminated for extra durability. We made an identical graphic for the other side of the van and we’re sure that the new advertising will bring in plenty of new business.

If you’re interested in getting some vehicle graphics done, feel free to visit our website gallery for some design ideas!