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From building signs to office signs, we have expertise to assist you will all of your signage. Signs are important to any business, whether they are for advertising or wayfinding. While channel letters and full window graphics are useful for bringing in new customers, directory signs and office ID signs are necessary for helping clients get around. We’ll be going over general categories of the signs we make to help you determine what you need for your company.

Exterior Signs

Everyone is familiar with building signs. Most do not know the term channel letters, but once you start to explain how they look, everybody is on the same page. But there are many other exterior signs aside from building signs that are necessary for business or property owners.

monument sign mostly refers to the large, permanent signs that you commonly see outside of a plaza. They can be made from many materials like stone, foam, or wood. Their main purpose is to display the name of a business, or businesses near the street to advertise to people driving or walking by. If you are a property manager who owns a plaza, you probably need a multi-tenant monument sign that lists many businesses at once. If you are just a singular business with some extra space, a post and panel sign will work fine to display your company name and information.

Other exterior signs that improve your customer’s experience with your business are parking signs, gate signs, and general wayfinding signs. An example of a wayfinding sign is a sign that points you in the direction you need to go to when you are in a large complex or building. If you are in an apartment complex with many units, a wayfinding sign can help you figure out which direction to go to find the unit you’re looking for. Alternatively, a huge skyscraper with many businesses may list what floor which businesses are on so you can easily get to your location.

Coming back to storefronts, outdoor window graphics are also gaining popularity. With the ability to print any image onto a sheet of vinyl that can cover your whole window, you would be missing out on an advertising opportunity if you didn’t use that space. Even a few small graphics displaying your logo and hours can help gain more impressions from foot traffic.

There are many different kinds of exterior signs. If you’re still unsure of what you’re looking for, feel free to look around our gallery for some ideas. Stay tuned for next week’s blog where we’ll be going over interior signage.