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Wide format printing can be used for many different kinds of signs. From banners to monument sign faces, customization is key to branding. Illuminated cabinet signs are used for many different signs, whether they are indoor or outdoor because we can digitally print any image, color, or message on the face and have it illuminate at night time. We’ve made cabinet signs for buildings to advertise a business and ones for the inside of a retail store to display a high-quality image.

Forest Lawn in Glendale had an information booth that needed some signage updates. Their current sign did not illuminate and looked a little outdated. Some businesses will have an existing cabinet sign return so all we do is replace the face. However, Forest Lawn’s information booth did not have an existing cabinet sign so we made a brand new one.

The returns of our channel letters, logo boxes, and cabinet signs are made from aluminum. When making channel letters, we bend and shape each return to the shape of the letter so it can take a little more time. With cabinet signs, they are normally just rectangles or squares so we can make them a little bit quicker. Logo boxes, like channel letters, are just bent into the shape of the outline of the logo.

Whatever shape we make the returns, we make the faces from acrylic. For cabinet signs, we use the brand Tuf Glas because it is very high-quality and durable so it is great for outdoor signs. Since the sign is meant to be illuminated, we printed the text onto translucent vinyl and applied it to the Tuf Glas. Before attaching the face to the returns, we painted the inside of the returns with high-reflective white to help the LEDs illuminate, and we painted the returns and the retainers their company color to match the face.

On another side of the booth, we made a digital print that we mounted next to the door that displays the same information using the same font and colors. When putting multiple signs of the same information, you want to make sure that they match.

Both signs look great and really help give the information booth more of a modern look. Check out our website galleries for more illuminated cabinet signs and mounted digital prints we’ve made. If you need an exterior sign made, you can request a quote here.