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Vista Ford in Woodland Hills, CA has been coming to us for years for many outdoor signs to help advertise their business and draw in new customers. But once they get people to take notice of the business and come in, the next step is making the sale. Although pole signs and lobby signs can impress a potential client, indoor signage is also necessary for the employees of the business.

After restoring their illuminated corner signs a few months back, they asked us to create a sales board for them to use to keep track of employee’s sales and totals. Most companies would just get a cheap whiteboard, but they wanted something more organized that also displayed the company logo proudly. When it comes to customization regarding colors, digital printing is a great choice. You have virtually endless options to print whatever you need.

To make the sales board, we started with a piece of sibond that was roughly 3′ x 3′ in size. A¬†thin layer of steel was applied to the sibond, and the digital print was applied onto the steel. The digital print is where a lot of the design is focused. The top section displays Vista’s logo along with Lincoln and Ford’s. We made “VISTA” into acrylic dimensional letters. We took 1/4″ thick white acrylic and routed out the letters to be about 3″ tall to match the size of “VISTA” on the digital print. We then applied them on top of the digital print to make their own logo stand out more on the board.

The rest of the print is made to section out the salespeople, units, and totals using the logo colors. We made dozens of blank name label and number magnets so they could change out information in a neat and organized way. The reason we added that extra layer of steel underneath the digital print was for the magnet pieces. The left section that we left blank is actually a piece of whiteboard material that we attached so they could write whatever information was needed.

Digital prints can be used for many different signs due to their versatility. We’ve digitally printed logos for a building sign or a lobby sign and digitally printed large graphics to mount photos around retail stores. Whatever sign you need for your business, you can be assured that we can make it look exactly the way you want.