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Five years ago we upgraded the sign faces for Personal Care Optometry’s monument sign in Woodland Hills, California. They had wanted to change a lot of things like the color scheme, layout, and the information that was being displayed. This sign faces a busy street so we wanted to make sure that the information could be read clearly and easily while someone was driving by. The most important things to display on a sign where the consumer has limited time to read the information is the business name, a simple explanation of the business services (in this case, it is explained in the business name), and contact information like the phone number or website.

When we were on site, we actually found that the old boxes weren’t in good shape so we ended up creating new box sign frames for them also. The new sign design looked great and they were very happy with how everything came out.

Earlier this year, Personal Care Optometry reached out to us again to do another update on the monument sign. They were very happy with the design and layout we did for them a few years back so we actually kept the information exactly the same. The reason for the update was simply to make the sign look brand new again.

Since this is an illuminated monument sign, we used Tuf Glas, a strong, durable, white sign acrylic for the base of the faces. All of the information that was to be displayed was digitally printed onto translucent vinyl using our wide format printer. We used translucent vinyl so the different colors we used for the print could be seen when the faces are internally illuminated at night time.

One thing we did differently with the new sign faces was the type of over-laminate we used to laminate the digital print. They found that the over-laminate we used last time held up great, but asked us if there was something higher-grade that we could use this time. We looked into it and found an over-laminate by 3M that has 8-year durability. All of the vinyl we use is specifically made to withstand heat, weather, and general wear, but we can always accommodate our customers that are looking for something else.

There are many different types of monument signs. Some with replaceable faces, panels, or ones that have individual lettering. No matter what needs to be replaced, we can help you make your monument sign look brand new, or even replace the whole sign for you.