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If your business has many locations, you need to make sure that all of your branding matches, especially your outdoor signage. This is why many large companies choose one sign company to work with to make sure that their branding is consistent. Your logo is key to brand recognition and becoming a familiar name to customers. Take the McDonald’s golden arches for example. Their logo is very iconic so they make sure to use it in all of their advertising.

In 2014 Chronic Tacos rebranded and came out with the logo you see today and the one we’ve been using for their signage since we started working with them a little over two years ago. Since we’ve started working with them, they have been growing rapidly and opening new locations to keep us busy. The most recent job we did was in Rowland Heights, California. Chronic Tacos started out in Newport Beach so a lot of their restaurants are in Southern California but they do have locations in 7 other states.

Most of the Chronic Tacos signs we make in the area are compound channel letters with acrylic dimensional letters for the tagline. We did make an HDU foam sign for one location which was shipped to North Carolina but the rest have been compound channel letters.

Compound channel letters are a combination of front-lit channel letters and reverse-lit (or halo-lit) channel letters. You can use the same color LEDs for the front and back, but for Chronic Tacos we use white LEDs to illuminate the faces and red LEDs for the halo. This creates an amazing visual effect when the sign is on at night time. If your business of open after sunset, you want to invest in a lighted sign so you can continue to attract the same amount of foot traffic, if not more. Not only does an illuminated outdoor sign advertise to new customers, it also helps existing customers find your location easily. Many businesses will put signs on multiple sides of their building for 360-degree advertising.

The compound channel letters signs we made look great both in the daytime and nighttime. If you don’t need both the faces and back-illuminated, we can also make front-lit channel letters and reverse-lit channel letters. Our signs are custom made to order so we can make them personalized for your business and make sure your brand is represented exactly how you want.