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Menu boards aren’t just for food and drink, they can be helpful for any business that has set prices for their product or services. When we make menus for our clients, we usually digitally print the information so we can include graphics, different colors, and customized information. We’ve made very permanent menu boards for restaurants from acrylic and installed them above the counter. But if the information you want to display is subject to change, you require something a little more temporary.

If you’ve been keeping up with our blogs, you know that we’ve done many jobs for different Supercuts stores including channel letters for storefronts and digitally printed vinyl graphics for windows. There were several Supercuts stores that needed an updated menu insert and we were more than happy to help. Each store had an existing menu holder where you could slip a paper in between the backer and the clear face. This is similar to a lot of signage used in offices where the name or title of a person can be changed so they make sure that the part where the information is displayed is easily interchangeable.

We listed their different services with their corresponding price points, and of course we included the Supercuts logo on the side. The design is minimal and doesn’t have too much information but has the perfect amount of color. The information was printed on poster paper that was cut for each menu holder. The poster paper is ideal for digitally printed displays, trade show graphics, and even wall coverings because It is durable without an overlaminate and has great ink adhesion. We didn’t want the stores to spend too much money for something that will eventually need to be changed out, but we still wanted to make sure that it looked great.

This particular one that is pictured is frame nicely in a store in Norco, California. With larger jobs, we stay local due to the drive time, but with the number of stores and the lightweight nature of these signs, we were able to mail them out to the many different locations.

There are many different ways to make a custom menu sign. Whether you need a temporary display or large, high-end, permanent signage, we can assist you  with the design, fabrication, and installation. If you are in need of some menus or any signage for your business, you can request a quote here.