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When we’re working on a sign for a customer, the proofing is very important. We are making permanent signage so we want to make sure that the customer is completely satisfied with the sign design before we start making it. We can run into some issues if there is temporary information that you want to be displayed with nice signage. This is an issue that Sober College ran into with their new welcome sign.

They wanted to have an impressive display of their logo on an acrylic backer lobby sign along with their tagline, “Rehab Redefined”. This is easy to do, but the problem was that the information of who the sign was meant to welcome at the time would constantly be changing so we couldn’t make it a permanent part of the sign. In one of the earlier renderings, the sign ended after “Welcome” so it was a little shorter. The idea was to have a separate, more temporary sign underneath with more information. The problem with this idea was that the sign looked a little incomplete because it would just cut off after “Welcome”. The final design we decided on was to elongate the panel, create a separate acrylic holder, and attach it to the sign. This way, Sober College could simply print whatever information they needed and slip it into the acrylic panel.

This is a fairly large lobby sign, the backer panel is 3′ x 3′ clear acrylic that is mounted with silver standoffs. Not only does mounting with standoffs add to the visual appeal, if we installed a clear back with an adhesive or studs, you could see right through the material.

The logo and letters were digitally printed onto vinyl and contour cut to be applied to the backer panel. Since the whole sign is floating off of the wall, the shadows of the letters show up on the wall which creates an interesting visual. The shadows also add a little more dimension to the sign even though the logo and all of the letters are flat.

The alternative to digitally printing and contour cutting your logo would be to use acrylic if incorporating your logo colors into the sign was important. In the past, we have made signs for Sober College where “Sober College” was made from acrylic dimensional letters, the outline of the logo was cut from acrylic, and the different colors of the logo were digitally printed onto the acrylic we cut out.

You can make some of your logo dimensional, make all of it flat, or make all of it dimensional. Our lobby signs are completely customizable to make sure that your logo is displayed exactly how you want.