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The point of custom ADA signs is that we help you create a custom design that you wouldn’t be able to find pre-made. Standard websites will have blue signs with white text, which is what most businesses use for their public restrooms. But if for any reason you need a specific material, size, or color, that’s when you’ll want to find a custom sign company.

We were recently contacted by a construction company that needed very specific wording for their signs and they also needed raised text, Braille, and a raised arrow. Since they were a construction company, they understood the installation specifications, they just needed someone to make them.

We understand that your interior decor is very important, so if you have specific colors that need to be incorporated into your ADA signs, we can help you design something that will look great with the theme of your office. Aside from wayfinding or restroom ADA signs, we’ve made a lot of room ID signs and evacuation map signs. Many corporate offices require room ID signs; not only to label the function of certain rooms, but also to label offices. In a suite with many rooms, it can be difficult to navigate if you don’t have signs helping you understand where to go.

Evacuation maps are also required in a lot of buildings. We can create signs that match your existing interior signage while helping people understand where to go in case of an emergency. While the information that needs to be displayed is specific, the backer panel you use and the colors that are incorporated can be completely up to you.

When you need custom ADA signs, contact us to make sure you get high quality and durable signage that not only meets ADA compliance, but also looks great with your interior decor. Feel free to check out our online galleries to take a look at different Braille ADA signs, room ID signs, evacuation map signs, and many other ADA signs we’ve made. If  you, or a client of your is interested in customized ADA signage, you can request a quote here.