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If you’re not caught up with our blog series about the signage we did for Children’s Dentistry of Redlands, you can follow the links to read part one about the new logo and part two which covers the interior signage like the etched vinyl graphics and lobby sign. Today we’ll be focusing on the exterior signage, which is a building sign we made and installed for them.

Like a lot of businesses, Children’s Dentistry of Redlands made their building sign a larger version of their lobby sign. The lobby sign was made from aluminum dimensional letters and the details of the turtle logo were done with black vinyl. To scale the sign larger for the building, we made the sign into a reverse channel letter sign. They also wanted the sign to be illuminated so the reverse channel letters were a perfect solution.

To make the turtle, we formed the returns of the sign into the outline of the logo. The face of the logo is routed out of aluminum and we weld the face to the return. It’s hard to tell from the photo, but the turtle alone is 6 ft. wide. The sign is installed on top of a 2-story building so it needs to be large enough to stand out.

The back of the channel letters are clear Lexan. We use clear Lexan because the LEDs inside need to be able to illuminate the wall, and Lexan is a UL listed polycarbonate.

All of the letters are made the same way as the turtle, just as different shapes. However, when we are making a logo the same way we made a channel letter, we call it a channel letter box or a logo box.

Reverse channel letter signs are a great way to create an amazing illuminated display of your logo if you don’t care about specific colors being illuminated at night time. With reverse-lit channel letters, when the letters are illuminated from behind, they are just black at night time. If you want a specific color,  we can make you front-lit channel letters.

Front-lit channel letters have translucent faces and the back is not clear so the faces are illuminated instead of the back. With this type of channel letter sign, we can use different colors of acrylic or digitally print the color you want so at night time, the face is illuminated by a specific color.

Whether you want reverse-lit channel letters, front-lit channel letters, or compound channel letters (which are both front-lit and reverse-lit), we can help you represent your company with amazing exterior signage.