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Outdoor building signs are great for advertising and attracting attention. But if you have an outdoor sign, it is inevitable that you will eventually need to replace it due to weathering. Especially in the Los Angeles sun, sign faces will get sun bleached and start to fade from its original color. Vista Ford is a car dealership that we’ve worked with for many projects over the years. Car dealerships are known for having a lot of signage to advertise their business and the brands of cars they sell.

This recent job’s focus was the Vista Resale Center. This sign is one of the main exterior signs that you can see from Ventura Blvd, which is a major street in the San Fernando Valley. This is a front-lit channel letter sign that we’ve done service for before. For front-lit channel letters, the face and the returns are made separately and the face is attached with trim cap so it can be easily removed. If the channel letter sign is illuminated, we can service the LEDs since the faces can be removed.

Replacing the whole face is just as easy. We take off the existing faces and make identical ones that are brand new. The existing ones had blue faces and black trim caps so we used the same color for the new faces. The color of the trim caps creates a border around the letters so the colors can be customized if you want. The default trim cap and return color we use is black. For the actual faces, we digitally printed the Vista Ford blue color to match their existing signage. The color is printed onto vinyl which is applied to the acrylic faces.

They also have a box sign that we refaced for them with the Ford and Lincoln logos. These are also internally illuminated and we also used digital prints to make these faces. These were just digitally printed logos, not just a solid color like the channel letter faces.

The new sign face look bright and will definitely help advertise the resale center and the brands Vista Ford offers. If you have an existing front-lit channel letter sign or an illuminated or non-illuminated cabinet sign that needs a new face, feel free to contact us so we can help your sign look brand new,

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