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Hästens is a Swedish manufacturing company that was established in 1852 that specializes in beds, bed linen, pillows, and lifestyle accessories. They were opening a showroom at the Pacific Design Center so they contacted us for some signage. The main thing they needed was a sign band for the facade of the showroom. The Pacific Design Center is specific about the facade signs because all of the signs need to match. We have worked with the Pacific Design Center numerous times over the years and have made multiple sign bands for other companies there so we knew exactly what Hästens needed. The sign picture at the left of Hästens is actually a sign band that we made a few years back.

Since we already knew how the sign needed to be made, we just needed to know what she wanted to display and incorporate it into the design. She had space for two signs so we made one with the logo, and the other with a tagline that also establishes the company’s credibility.

The facade signs for the showrooms at the Pacific Design Center is a black band with the logo and/or letters illuminated in white. To achieve this look, we started with a PVC face that we laminated with a high-end black vinyl. We then route out the information that needs to be displayed and back the panel with white acrylic so the lights could shine through the letters and the logo. Since all of the signs need to be illuminated from behind, there was already an existing light source behind where the bands needed to go so we didn’t need to handle any of the electrical portions of the sign.

The facade is a must, but they also wanted to take advantage of all of their window space. The whole storefront is made entirely from windows so everything displayed in the showroom can be seen from the outside. Like any storefront, you want to repeat your logo to establish brand recognition. For the sign bands on the facade, they had space to have their logo, and “Crafting Sleep Since 1852”, but since they were keeping it more compact for the door graphic, we simply put the logo and “Since 1952” underneath. They also added another tagline to one of the large windows. The signs look great with their showcase display and you can see their logo and iconic blue check.