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Ro & You LLP is a defense firm in Sherman Oaks, California that wanted interior signage that would represent their business. They wanted something in the lobby so clients could see the sign when they entered the business.

They had a general idea of what they wanted but wasn’t sure of the details. They knew they wanted the sign to be made from brushed aluminum and that they wanted to display the company name and a logo. Step one was deciding what font they wanted to use for the letters. By looking through aluminum dimensional signs we’ve made in the past that are on our website, they found some fonts that they liked. We showed them what their business name would look in that font, and they were happy with the result.

The next step that took a little longer to design was the logo. They wanted something that looked like a cross between the infinity sign and a fish. Since they didn’t have any existing artwork, they hand-drew a few examples of what they had in mind, and also found some example photos online. Our graphic designer came up with a logo based off of the examples and we went back and forth making the logo narrower, wider, and changing the shape of the sides until we were able to create exactly what they had in mind. To mimic the way the infinity sign is actually shaped, we made a break in one of the lines so it looks like the middle is overlapping rather than just meeting.

Even before we started designing, Ro & You knew that they wanted a very dimensional looking sign so we mounted the individual pieces using spacers. This creates an amazing visual effect due to the shadows caused by the interior lighting.

As you can see from the close-up photos, brushed aluminum gives the faces of the letters a beautiful texture that many people want for their lobby signs. The metallic color goes well with the gray walls but still stands out due to the different shades that we used and the shadow caused by mounting the sign with spacers.

Take a look at our website to check out other brushed aluminum dimensional letter lobby signs we’ve made. The customization options are endless with the different thickness options and different mounting options. We can even anodize the aluminum if you want a different color.