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Oakridge is a mobile home park in Sylmar, California that we have worked with for several years. You might have seen us mention them in one of our previous blogs regarding the giant roof banner we made and installed for them. Our first project with them was very large because they needed a lot of new signage for the community. But since our first signage project with them, we’ve worked with them at least once every year since then to add more signs or to update existing signs.

A couple years back we worked on some existing post and panel signs that were already installed at the location. They needed new vinyl for the faces so we made the vinyl at our shop, and installed them on the signs while we were on location. This year, they reached out to us to have those same faces redone. They wanted the same information displayed, they just needed them updated since the vinyl had experienced a lot of wear due to the weather and being outdoors 24/7.

These are directional post and panel signs that help direct people to the sales office. Wayfinding signs are very important in any large area to help people find where they need to go.

This time around, we replaced the whole panel along with the print since it was pretty old. We already had the artwork for what needed to be printed so re-creating the sign faces was very easy. We digitally printed “SALES OFFICE” and the arrow onto vinyl, laminated it, and applied it onto aluminum backers. We use aluminum very frequently for outdoor signs because it’s rigid yet easy to work with and it is very durable so it is perfect for signs that are going to be outdoors. Since the actual posts were already at the location, we went and removed the existing panels and replaced them with the new ones.

Vinyl is very versatile and used for a lot of signage, but it does need to be replaced every few years if it’s outdoors because it can become damaged from the weather or fade from being constantly exposed to sunlight.

If you have an existing post and panel sign, we can easily replace the faces or panels for you if needed. If you don’t have an existing sign but you want one to display your business information or to act as a wayfinding sign, we can make and install a brand new one for you. Check out our website gallery for ones that we’ve made in the past.