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Many businesses, especially restaurants, will have a tagline or a slogan that they use in their advertising so that any time someone sees or hears the slogan, they immediately connect it to that business. This is similar to the way logos, company colors, and jingles are used in marketing and advertising to create brand recognition. If a consumer recognizes your brand and is familiar with it, they are more comfortable with it and more likely to choose you over a competitor. In a way, it’s like building a relationship with potential customers and existing customers.

Late last year we made a raceway mounted compound channel letter sign for a new Chronic Tacos location in Burbank. A storefront sign is very important to let people know that the location is going to open soon or that it is now open for business. Even if a customer finds out about a new location online, there is no way that they will find it without the help of some outdoor signage.

After the location was open and they were settled in, they decided to work on some interior signage. Their tagline, “TACO LIFE”, is used in a lot of their marketing so it is only natural to display it inside of the restaurant. We’ve actually made a couple “TACO LIFE” signs before for other locations. If you missed it, you can check out the blog for the interior sign at their Valencia location.

They wanted to go big with this sign since it was going to go on the wall behind the counter where customers could see it while they ordered their food. With larger letters, you need thicker material. If you made 19″ tall letters like this out of 1/4″ material, it would be spread too thin and the letters will be very fragile.

They asked for 1″ thick letters so we went with black foam and the faces were laminated with white acrylic. The black foam underneath the layer of white creates nice dimension and blends in well with the wall. The font used was the same font they use for their logo which is why it may look familiar.

For interior dimensional letters, other materials we commonly use are acrylic and aluminum. Depending on what you want to display, what your logo looks like, how big you want it to be, etc., there are many different choices of individual letter signs. Feel free to check out our galleries online and you can request a quote if you’re ready to start an order.