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Any large building like a corporate office, hotel, or apartment complex requires a lot of signage both inside and outside to help employees and customers find their way around the building and find where they need to go easily. Signage can not only help with wayfinding, but it can also be used to list specific rules, post information, or advertise.

A contractor that we work with frequently reached out to us regarding an apartment complex in Westlake, a neighborhood in Los Angeles, that was in need of some new signs. One of the main signs you need indoors at an apartment complex are room ID signs. Although other wayfinding signs are helpful, room ID signs are crucial in any building with multiple rooms or suites.

They wanted metallic signs with raised lettering and Braille, but they also wanted to add extra visual appeal by adding illuminated numbers to each sign. In order to achieve this amazing end result, every sign has a light box installed into the wall behind it. Since the rest of the sign is opaque and the room numbers are translucent acrylic, only the room number light up. The acrylic letters are also made to look like they’re pushed through the backer material so they have a nice 3-dimensional look.

Other signs that can often go underappreciated are mailbox tags. They are essential to any apartment complex and picking up and receiving mail would be a mess without them. The mailboxes were already numbered, however the numbers were engraved directly into the material. They wanted something that looked a little nicer so they asked us to make new brushed aluminum mailbox tags with engraved numbers. We made a total of 110 new mailbox tags that we installed individually onto each mailbox.

Brushed aluminum is a very popular choice of material for many types of signs. Metallic looks very professional and it looks great when the light hits it due to the grain of the brushed aluminum.

These aren’t the only signs we’ll be doing for this apartment complex. Be sure to keep checking in so you don’t miss a blog we’ll have in the future about some ADA signs  we’re currently working on. Meanwhile, you can check out our website gallery to see other signs we’ve made for various office buildings and apartment complexes.

If you own a building that it in need of high-end, custom signage, you can request a quote here.