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Mirman School for Highly Gifted Children is an independent, co-educational school for gifted children in Los Angeles, California. Like any large property, signage is crucial both indoor and outdoor. Any area with different building, rooms, and sections require wayfinding, identification, and informational signs to help things run smoothly. While wayfinding and identification signage is necessary for schools, other signage and your choice of the signage design can help improve the exterior design of the school.

There were a few updates they wanted to make that we’ll definitely cover in future blogs as we finish the installation. Today’s blog focuses on exterior flat cut aluminum dimensional letters. To commemorate families that have contributed to the school, Mirman School likes to dedicate certain buildings or areas to those families.

They asked us to create some exterior signs to identify the athletics building and athletics field to show their appreciation to two of the many families that support the school. The signs didn’t need to be illuminated, but they did want it to match existing outdoor signs so they asked us to create individual metal letters. If the letters need to be illuminated, we usually make channel letters which are hollow to put LEDs on the inside. But since these were non-illuminated signs, we flat-cut the letters from aluminum.

Since the signs were going to be outside and one of them was going to be ground level, we wanted to make sure that the signs would be durable to withstand both the weather and the chance of students brushing up against them.

For most signs we make that incorporate metal, we like to use aluminum because it’s durable, versatile, and lightweight. We flat cut the letters from 3/4″ thick aluminum and gave them a clear anodized finish. Anodizing aluminum makes the material harder, more durable, and less likely to corrode.

These letters are very thick and create amazing visual appeal. Not only do the signs increase the atmosphere of the teachers and staff, having great exterior design can attract new students when parents visit the school.

Metal letters are a very popular choice for businesses that want a polished and high-end look. Many offices will have their logo made from brushed aluminum to be displayed in the lobby area. We can flat cut any shape so as long as you provide us with a vector file, we can create a 3-dimensional display of your logo very easily.