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Whether you are a business that is just starting out or a company that’s been around for decades, you want to display your logo proudly on your building. A building sign not only helps customers find your location, it helps advertise while building brand recognition.

KONE is an international engineering and service company headquartered in Finland. They are a global leader in the elevator and escalator industry and they have over 70 offices just in the United States. One of their California locations is in Glendale, and they wanted a high-end sign to go on the building, above the entrance.

Their logo is simple but bold. Their company name, which simply means “machine” in Finnish, consists of just four letters that are in individual boxes. There are many ways to go with a logo like this. The simplest option would be to just digitally print the logo onto vinyl and apply it to a backer. But they wanted something more dimensional that would stand out against their brick facade.

When making a logo into a sign, we look at the different components of the sign and what we can make into separate pieces to add more dimension. Since the logo is in four main sections, we could have created four blue boxes and either printed the letters or cut them from white vinyl. Instead, we took it a step further and made the letters dimensional also.

Each blue box is a 1″ deep aluminum pan face that we custom painted to match their logo color. We used a semi-gloss finish so there would be a little bit of a shine to the faces without being too reflective. A pan face means that the material, whether it is metal or plastic, is formed in a certain way and the sides and face are all the same piece.

Each individual letter was flat cut from white acrylic. Since acrylic already comes in white, there aren’t any necessary steps before or after routing. The letters were mounted with VHB and silicone onto their individual aluminum backer panels at the shop so during installation, just four pieces needed to be mounted.

The sign looks great and can be seen from far away due to the way the logo color contrasts with the red brick facade. We’re glad that we were able to do their logo justice and create an amazing visual display for their building.