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Muscle Underground is a new gym right here in Chatsworth, CA that was referred to us by another local company, McLogan Supply Co. They already had their logo established but needed our help displaying it on the building. They had a few different versions of the logo that incorporated different colors and shadow effects. When you’re having a logo created, you want to make sure that the graphic designer gives you many different options that can be used for different mediums.

They decided to go with their logo in red and light gray lettering for the company name. Since the building was painted a dark gray color where the sign was going to go, a red logo was a good choice because it would stand out, and the light gray company name contrasts well with the facade so you can read it.

The sign didn’t necessarily need to be seen at night time so we went with flat-cut acrylic dimensional letters. To get the 3-dimensional shadow effect they had on their logo, we painted the “m” logo piece first, and then applied a digital print to the face. We paint the acrylic first to make sure that the sides will match the digital print instead of just staying the acrylic color. We could have used a generic red acrylic, but it wouldn’t have necessarily matched their logo color. The name of the company was also flat-cut from acrylic and was custom painted. These were a light gray color that was in their logo.

Then came the smaller letters. “STRENGTH & CONDITIONING CENTER” was supposed to be black, but as individual letters, they wouldn’t have been legible on the dark gray building. This is why from the beginning, they requested the tagline to be in a separate box with a white background. These didn’t need to be dimensional so we cut out a rectangle with radiused corners from sibond and applied a digital print onto it.

The sign looks great, and everything is legible from the street so it’s sure to attract a lot of new customers while helping people find the location.

Check out our website galleries to see other outdoor acrylic dimensional letter signs we’ve made. We’ve made signs from pre-colored acrylic, we can custom paint the sign, and we can lay a digital print on the face. If you’re looking for a metallic look, we can even laminate the faces of the letters with aluminum.