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Sometimes, putting up a storefront sign can be easier said than done. Many people aren’t aware that for every exterior sign that is installed, a sign permit needs to be pulled. On top of that, some locations need to adhere to sign criteria not just from the building owners, but from the city in order to be able to put up their sign.

Pure Delish was opening a new location in Culver City. They found our business online and felt that we were up to the job of making their logo into an illuminated sign for their new storefront. Their initial idea was to do a front-lit channel letter sign which is made with translucent faces and internally illuminated so the faces light up.

As you can see from the banner they were removing after we finished the installation, “pure” and “” were in separate bubbles so our first thought was to create two large channel letter boxes in those shapes. They wanted the logo of the girl to be contour cut like the letters, but due to the way channel letters are made, we needed to put it in a circle so we’d be able to make it.

We went back and forth changing a few colors, adding and removing backers, and even tried adding a tagline on the sign. We were finally ready to pull the permit when we found that our sign design didn’t meet the city’s criteria. After learning this, we changed the sign from a front-lit channel letter sign to a compound channel letter sign. This meant that not only would the faces light up, the sign would also be backlit.

Another thing we had to change about the sign was that each letter needed to be individual and not one large piece as we had originally planned. After making these changes, we went back and forth a few more times for the tagline but eventually decided to leave it out.

Although we ran into some snags during the process of getting Pure Delish their new sign, we’re glad that we were able to get them a sign that they were happy with while being compliant to what the city required for the exterior signage in that area.

This is why you want to work with an experienced custom sign company that understands how to take your vision and make it into something that’s physically possible to manufacture while adhering to all of the codes. Check out other channel letter signs we’ve made on our website to see the endless ways we can make your logo into an amazing 3-dimensional display.