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Vehicle advertising is all about catching someone’s attention. By using different colors, images, and graphics, you can advertise to many potential customers just by driving to a job. Even if your car is parked outside of a customer’s location, if your vehicle graphics are done right, they will attract a lot of attention.

D&S Security wanted simple, but effective graphics. The logo is the most important part of your vehicle graphics so you want to put it on all sides of the vehicle. They decided to use their logo colors for the rest of the graphics also. This was a great idea because red is a color that can catch someone’s eye easily. The boxes that display their different services pops and can be read easily, and it also matches the logo.

 While displaying relevant information, you don’t want to add too much clutter because most people are going to be reading the information on your vehicle in passing. If there is too much information for the eyes to focus on in a few seconds, chances are that people will either not have enough time to read it, or will not care to spend the extra time to read everything.

Something you always want to include in your vehicle graphics is a form of contact. Depending on the business, this can be different. For example, a food truck might show emphasis on their website and social media accounts so fans can follow them online to see where their truck is going to be. Alternatively, a restaurant that caters would put their address to attract customers to their location.

You’re in complete control of how your customers find you. D&S Security decided that they wanted people to contact them and get answers to questions by calling them, so they put their phone number in large, bold font on the sides and back of the vehicle.

Their vehicle graphic do a great job of conveying who they are, what they do, why someone would be interested in their services, and how they can contact the business. No matter what type of business you own or what your goals are when deciding to get into vehicle advertising, we can help you design something that looks great with the vehicle you have, will be pleasing to the eyes, easy to read, and will bring you plenty of new customers.

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