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We were asked to create new outdoor signage for a Supercuts that was opening in Claremont, California. The new location was going to be inside of a large plaza so they needed a new storefront sign, window graphics, and new faces for both a double-sided monument sign and a double-sided pylon sign.

Today we’ll be focusing on the storefront signage. We do a lot of work for different Supercuts store so creating a Supercuts channel letter sign isn’t new to us. For this location, we made a front-lit channel letter sign. Front-lit channel letter signs are internally lit, individual letters made from acrylic and aluminum. The sides and back of the letters are made from aluminum but the face is translucent acrylic so it lights up at night time.

We used red acrylic and red LEDs to assure that the color would be bold both in the daytime and nighttime. Instead of making the channel letters red all around, we used bronze returns and bronze trim caps to help the letters pop.

The plan was to come install the channel letter sign and the window graphic and on the same trip, take the panels down from the pylon sign and the monument sign so we could route the logo onto it. However, the glass area for the storefront was still under construction so we were only able to put up the channel letter sign.

When we were designing the window graphics, the plan was to have double doors with the logo on each door and a narrow window on the side that would have a blue and white version of the logo. One door would list the website and hours along with the logo while the second door had the logo, website, and a note to use the other door. However, upon completion of the glass storefront, they ended up with just a single door and a large window.

We simply got rid of the design for the second door, and now that there was more room on the window, we made a bar that repeated the logo in blue and white. This is a design that you may see at different Supercuts store, but with different colors.

When a business is going under construction, you never know what might change so it’s important to be able to be flexible with the design.

After we came back to re-install the sign faces on the monument sign and pylon sign, we made a 3rd trip to install the window graphics. We’ll be going over the sign faces in our next blog.